Paperless Die Design and Development at Ford

Mecaner Completed the Second Part of SMIRT DieBuild Training

Mecaner is a tool making company owned by Fiat based in the area of Bilbao in Spain, building stamping dies for large panels like doors, body sides, hoods and other body and chassis panels. They are well known for their focus on quality.

Mecaner has been using SMIRT DieShop and SMIRT DieNc for almost ten years. They have initially invested in SMIRT DieBuild at the beginning of 2013, with the scope of improving planning and control methodologies of their manufacturing process and to support their continuous improvement and quality system based on the “World Class Manufacturing” approach.

The implementation of SMIRT DieBuild started in March with the first training session in which they learned the use of this software module and how to define the library of standard tasks to be included in the manufacturing plans.  Then they defined the tasks needed to describe their process and the department structure mapped in the plans and created the actual plans used to manufacture over 20 dies.

In October 2013 the second training session was taken to learn how to create the formulas to automatically compute the labor requested for each single task created in the SMIRT DieBuild plans.

Mecaner is now going to complete and review the formulas comparing the computed time to the actual time measured in real life for different tasks. The manufacturing plans with hours created in SMIRT DieBuild will generate the data to schedule the plant and to control the process. In addition all the people in the tool shop will have access to all the detailed information on the tasks to be performed by simply reading the SMIRT design file.

Aitor Markaida, tool shop manager of Mecaner says: “SMIRT DieBuild has been well accepted already by our people as an effective help to their daily work.  After the second training session on SMIRT DieBuild we have a powerful tool that will help us control and improve our process and I’m confident we will achieve good savings”.


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